Flavonoids Effects on Breast Cancer Tumors

Sina Moradi Yeganmahale 1,2*, Farahnaz Mohammadi Arab Abadi 1, Mohammad Hossin Abdoli 1, Mohammed Hosseini Goke 1,2


1 Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Imam Ali, Farhangian University, Rasht Iran
2 Department of Radiology, Faculty of Paramedicine, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran



Breast cancer is one of the main causes of cancer deaths and the most common malignancy in women worldwide. Breast cancer accounts for 7% of total cancer deaths. There is a direct relationship between diet and cancer. One way to improve nutrition is good. Flavonoids Polyphenol compounds are found in some fruits, vegetables, seeds. This study examines the effects of flavonoids on breast cancer tumors.

This study was performed on 16 breeds of mice (Balb / c nu). First, the rats were divided into two groups: A and B; in the food group A, flavonoids were used, but in group B, these compounds were not used. Breast Cancer Tumor: 4t1 cancer cells were injected into 5 rabbits (balb / c) after culture. Following the appropriate size of the tumor, ethical standards were removed from the body of the mice. After 4 weeks, breast cancer tumors were cultured in groups A and B mice. Then, every 5 days, a mouse from each group was selected to examine tumor volume and lymphocyte proliferation.

The results of 40-day studies showed that tumor volume in 8 mice in group A was less than group B (P <0.05). Likewise lymphocyte proliferation in The spleens of the micea in group A were significantly more than group B) p<0.05 ).

Nutrition is one of the most effective ways of preventing and preventing the spread of disease in the body, especially cancer. Flavonoids are found in some fruits, such as apples, pomegranates and red grapes, and are found in vegetables such as broccoli, celery and tomatoes in the brain such as walnuts and drinks such as green tea. Due to its antioxidant properties, flavonoids increase cellular immunity and increase the production of lymphocytes and strengthen the immune system. As seen in this study, the use of flavonoids in group A increases cellular immunity. By inducing breast cancer in the rat body, the expansion of the lymphocyte in group A was greater than that of group B, which the ability to cope with the tumor and reduced tumor volume. Based on the results, flavonoids play a major role in boosting the immune system so that they can be used for cancer drugs and cellular immunity. It is recommended that flavonoids are used daily to increase the immune system’s strength against many diseases, including breast cancer.

Keywords: Flavonoids, Breast Cancer, Nutrition, Prevention

Doi: 10.28991/ICCR-2019-005


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