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Ital Publication is an international publisher of open access, online, peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines which is launched in late 2016 by the European High-tech and Emerging Research Association (EUHERA).

The program features high-quality, online-only, open-access publications produced in collaboration with international research institutions, foundations, funders, and societies.

Emerging Science Journal is publishing under Ital Publication and European High-tech and Emerging Research Association (EUHERA) which is launched in the middle of 2017.

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Ital Publication Becoming a Member of UKSG

We are proud to announce that Ital Publication is now a member of UKSG, the UK´s largest scholarly communications community. Through UKSG, different stakeholders share their knowledge and experience in order to improve the knowledge and information environment for researchers. UKSG´s members include universities, publishers, content providers, intermediaries, and other similar organisations. Members participate in discussions and events on issues around scholarly communications.

Ital Publication is delighted to be a part of this active community and we look forward to making our own contribution. We will continue to support organisations and initiatives that boost collaboration and vision within scholarly communication.

More information about UKSG can be found at The full membership list is available at:


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